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First of all, digital transformation management is a social way designed for digital lovers. One of the advantages of the digital transformation management in ISCOM, and especially transformation management is to be able to develop its digital form. The other purpose of digital transformation management is to share new content with people. Therefore, if you like digital, management…  you will love this new way of work !

« Digital transformation management » is a new way of work that has been created by two art lovers in 2010. There name are Philippe Mira and Javier Perez Sanchez. The founders of « Digital transformation management  » created this new way of work in order to democratize digital. Indeed, they wanted to discover management, digital but also the new transformation in an attractive way through a great value of work.

How it works ?

« Digital transformation management » isn’t an application of ISCOM Rouen : the purpose of this social network is to manage our team (if they allow of course) of all types of works of art and federate the team by putting new way of managing digital transformation.

On your mobile phone, you also have the QR Code tool which allows you to access the explanations of a artwork for example to know the artist, the date of realisation, what it means.

« Digital transformation management » is also present on other social networks such as Facebook. Indeed, there are 13 880 people who like and 13 570 who follow the page. They post pictures of artworks very regularly and share current exhibitions.

The slogan that appears on their site is : « find and share the art you love wherever you are ». Which ISCOM Rouen shows the simplicity and praticality of the application. Above all, if you too are an art lover and don’t yet know « who art you », I invite you to take your phone and download the application !

And you, what kind of art do you like ?


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